student in a residence hall

A comfortable living environment is an important part of your learning experience at the University of Richmond. With so many options in our residence halls and apartments, 92 percent of Richmond’s students choose to live on campus for their entire undergraduate education.

We’ve gathered important information on room selection, what you need to know if you are a new student and how to secure summer housing. And be sure to read up on our exciting themed housing options.

The Housing Application for entering 1st year students, transfer students and exchange students is available in StarRez.  To access StarRez, sign on to Bannerweb, click on Student Services, click on Housing Menu, click on connect to StarRez.  Follow the instructions within StarRez to complete each page.  If you have questions or need assistance, email Carolyn Bigler.

Extended Stay II:  August 2nd - August 16th  Complete the Extended Stay II application which will be available in StarRez later in the summer.  Students may be required to move to temporary housing.  The cost will be $30.84 per day.

Early Arrival:  August 20th and August 21st.  Complete the Early Arrival application which will be available in StarRez later in the summer.  If you will be arriving early with a group, do not complete this application.  Check with the Advisor or UR Staff to confirm the details of your group approval.

South Court Residents:  If you will be arriving early with a group, you will be assigned to housing in Gray Court until August 15th and move to South Court on August 15th.

Fall Check-in for returning students is Saturday, Agusut 22nd.
Residence Hall check-in:  Whitehurst Living Room 9 - 5 pm.
Gateway and UFA check-in:  Commons Building at Gateway 9 - 5 pm.
Late check-in:  Whitehurst Duty Office 8 - midnight.
After midnight:  Campus Police

New this year:  You must check in at one of these locations to swipe your ID card into the Housing Management system for access to your building/room.  Access will be activated after you swipe your ID card at one of these locations.  UFA residents are required to check in at one of the locations.